Featured Gallery Artist September 2022



Hello, I’m Layne. Idaho-born and Utah-based, my professional background is in graphic art and creative direction. My formal art education came via a BFA from Utah State University in 2007.

In 2017, after becoming dissatisfied with producing visual art via a computer only, I started painting and quickly fell in love with the process of forming something that I could touch and hold. I use a variety of tools including digital collage, projection, yarn tufting, and paints and inks on varying mediums. Subjects include landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.

A common theme I enjoy exploring with my art is the juxtaposition of the organic and inorganic, the map and the territory, and the prickly and the gooey. I enjoy the paradoxical use of hard, rigid elements to convey soft, inexact qualities, and vice versa.

Inspiration comes to me via nature, printing and engraving techniques, and the exploration of the Self.


Design Advocate, Art Enthusiast, Guerrilla Ontologist

Layne Turner will be showcasing his work this friday at Fice Gallery. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the artist, view his new work and be in community with us.

8pm - 11pm

Thanks for being interested and reading this far. I’m open to commission work and can be contacted at or @lawnturn on Instagram.

This show will be running from September 16th to mid October.