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Featured Gallery Artist July 2022

Brooklyn Day

Brooklyn Day

Brooklyn Day is an abstract painter based in Salt Lake City. Her work explores ephemeral moments through an abstract lens. Her painting style is intuitive, drawing heavily from personal experiences and the visual and emotional impressions they leave behind. Brooklyn pulls her palettes from nature combining them in unexpected ways. Her practice relies on embracing the physical properties of paint to create controlled chaos through texture, movement and pigment.


Exploring visual and emotional lightness as a transformative individual experience




HEAVY explores visual and emotional lightness as a transformative individual experience. Through the work viewers can contextualize their own experiences balancing feelings of light and heavy, ultimately refocusing on what brings us light.


Fice Gallery Show

Brooklyn Day will be showcasing this exhibition on Saturday July 16th starting at 8pm. Be sure to stop in, meet the artist and view thier current work.