"Lagniappe" - Secret Riso Club

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 “Lagniappe" is a poster book that takes readers on a transformative journey through illustrations, written works & poetry. The title, meaning "a little bit extra" reflects the rich cultural influences and spirit woven throughout the book's 100% risograph printed pages.

Each piece captures moments of transformation, connection, and the extraordinary beauty found in the unfamiliar.

The book's visuals draw from diverse influences, including the Mayan creation story Popol Vuh, the Afro-Cuban divination system Diloggun, and the symbolism of the sun as a source of vitality. The author skillfully weaves these elements together to create a tapestry of color, meaning, and personal reflection.

"Lagniappe" invites readers to explore its pages in any order, mimicking the unpredictable nature of life and encouraging intuitive discovery. Through this immersive experience, the author hopes readers will find a piece of themselves in the words and images, fostering a sense of connection and shared humanity.

Written and Designed by Arlander Taylor IV

Published and produced by Secret Riso Club
Book design in collaboration with Akoua Smith & Renald Louissaint 
68 pages
Size: 8x10”
First Edition

Riso printed interior
Foil stamped covers
Screw post binding
Fice Gallery & Boutique