In the summer of 1994, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, founded X-girl with her friend, Daisy von Furth of XLARGE, with the help of Mike D of the Beastie Boys.

Kim and Daisy designed “real clothing” a collection of what they actually wanted to wear.  X-girl is considered a pioneer of “Girl’s Movement” in the fashion, art and music industries. With the X-girl logo designed by Mike Mills starring Michelle Rock Wood, as the well-known “face” logo that symbolizes X-girl. Later, designing the t-shirts and posters. Within their first year, X-girl opened a store in Los Feliz, Los Angeles and held a guerilla-style fashion show in Soho, New York, produced by Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze. Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Rock Wood joined the show as models.

X-girl continues to offer “Real Girl’s Clothing”- basic styles inspired by rock, military, the outdoors, sports, and many other street culture factors.

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