Nike Air Trainer Max '91 / Available Now

 The Nike Air Trainer Max '91 was the fifth and last of the Nike Trainers popularized by the Bo Knows ad campaign featuring Bo Jackson. Nike used Bo Jackson in their ad campaigns for the Air Trainer because he was the ultimate multi-sport athlete. The air trainer was a cross training shoe designed to be versatile in its training capabilities. The cross trainer's match with Bo Jackson proved to be a perfect marriage. Nike had Jordan like success with their "Bo Knows" ad campaign featuring Bo Jackson playing multiple sports and wearing the cross trainers. Nike hit the lottery twice when the ad played during a commercial break in the 1989 MLB All-star game. The ad played right after Bo had hit a home run in the MLB All-star game and featured him dominating as a running back on the Oakland Raiders. The ad campaign help to cement Bo as a phenomenal multi-sport athlete, and gave the cross trainers tremendous validity as the ultimate multi-sport training shoe. By utilizing Bo Jackson in their advertising for the cross training shoe Nike gained major credibility for the capabilities of the shoe. The Nike Air Trainer '91 utilized an EVA foam sole instead of the traditional air unit. This caused confusion with the name of the shoe because it was called an Air Trainer, but did not feature the air unit as the four previous models had. The shoe features the signature cross trainer support straps. A Black upper, white midsole, and black outsole seem to be reminiscent of Bo's days with the Oakland Raiders. Additionally, the cut out ankle design hinted at the iconic Air Huaraches high tops which were being developed at the time for future production.


Available at both FICE Denver, FICE Salt Lake City or by phone at 720.638.8882.


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