FICE 5 Panels / Available Now

As we all know men's hat wear trends are constantly changing. In the 90's it was all about the one size fits all adjustable snapback. Fast forward to the early 2000's fitted caps are all the rage (paired with an oversized throwback jerseys I might add). The snapback made a big come back but shifting trends gave rise to the "Dad cap" an unstructured curved brim hat. Now we see the hat climate shifting again so what's next? The 5 Panel, constructed of you guessed it 5 panels of fabric. The unique design and fit of the 5 panel makes it the perfect piece to separate yourself from dad cap, strap back, and fitted hat wears to become a trailblazing trend setter. Available now at FICE with our Laced logo, and signature patch designs in Tiger Camo, Olive, Khaki, Red, Black, and Grey. 

Available at both FICE Denver, FICE Salt Lake City online or by phone at 720.638.8882. 

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